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A lovely, well-furnished and elegant house is a symbol of taste, It is imperative that every home should have an environment that is peaceful and calming for people to live in. To get that right kind of ambiance, it is very important to embellish your home with the right home furniture and accessories. A well-furnished living room in any house can give a heartfelt welcome to any guest. Accessories like curtains, cushion covers, wall arts and carpets can be used to decorate your living room to add glamour and charm. To decorate your bedrooms for more comfortability and style, there are accessories like colorful bed covers, bedsheets, pillow covers, blankets, carpet rugs and many more. Bath accessories including towels, robes, mats, laundry baskets and bath linen set are perfect to decorate and give your bathroom life.Bedroom Furniture includes all the essentials, with the extras. We have beds and frames, mattresses, Dressers, nightstands, armoires, and more. Whether you’re furnishing the master bedroom, the kids’ rooms, or the guestroom, all your bedroom furniture needs are covered here.

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We have all the home furnishings here to make your house feel as warm and homely as possible then you are in the right place. Konga offers awesome deals, from rugs, carpets, light fixtures and an all matter of décor. Including brands like: Philips, DG, Geneva, Avon, Auldon. If you are looking for home furnishings to spice up your living room, why not take a look at the Nobel carpets and rugs, feathers collection rug? Or if your bathroom is lacking the comfort, try out the 4 in 1 Cute Feet foot mat, the perfect addition to get rid of the cold floor after a shower! Or maybe your home isn’t coming together, if this is the case, our pair of ready made curtains will most likely fix this problem. We also have a large selection of Oil Canvas Paintings that would be welcome in any home. So if you are looking for different lighting in your home, or whether you are just looking for some beautiful paintings to stare at, Konga here will make you feel truly at home with all our lovely home furnishings.