Tools for Automotive & Industrial Purpose

The automotive and industrial sector rely on quality tools and tooling including hand held tools, Monogram machines, Pumps, Drills, Welding & Soldering tools, Mixed Tool Sets and more . Konga understands the need to provide you with quality tools that is why we offer a huge variety of tools for your workshops or for personal use, you can buy work tools online on Konga and enjoy guaranteed best prices in Nigeria. Be it a professional looking for tools for construction work or a layman looking for tools for personal use. Konga has stocked various tools to make your shopping experience seamless for you. Browse our widespread list of tools and find the one that meets your requirement.

Buy Tools Online on Konga at the Lowest Prices in Nigeria

If you are a professional in search of appropriate tools, you could browse products like tripod, rotary cutter, wheel spanner, cutting pliers, hacksaws, professional tool kits, club & sledge hammers, among others, to make work easy. Are you a civil engineer? Then utility tools like a handheld GPS, Tripod for mounting lasers and more, will be ideal for you, these tools will make life easier for you. Are you a professional mechanical engineer or a local electrician you will find great tools like Wheel Balancing Plier, 4-Way Wheel Spanner, Crimping Tool, 31 in 1 screwdrivers set, driller and many more. Browse through the various options available, if you are looking for a tool kit, for home or work, to find what suits you best. A wide range of power tools are available as well, like power drills and power saws. If you are looking for a drill machine, or maybe a set of cutting tools for the house, you will find it here as well. Hand tools like hammers, screwdrivers, chisels and others are perfect for an amateur carpenter or for small fixes and repair work at home.